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September 6, 2012

Portrait of Tess

A good question. Why now – after nearly 40 years – the interest in trying to re-open this case?

Fairness perhaps. Many/maybe most of the other ‘kids’ (students from that era) have families now. Children, grandchildren, some maybe even great-grandchildren. The person who so terribly hurt and murdered Tess likely too has had the pleasure and comfort of family and friends. Tess should have all those things today. She doesn’t.  Because someone decided it was okay to do awful things to her and to take her life. Not just… not fair.

My hope is, by helping to bring her case back into the light after all these years, those who know who did these things to her will find the courage to come forward. There are those who know who did this. They are older and wiser now – perhaps more confident – perhaps less likely to be intimidated by the criminal bully who murdered Tess Hilt. You can contact us here privately. Or, if you prefer at: We can help you bring justice for Tess.

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