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Progress Report

November 3, 2012

Around 2 months now since we started this page. Perhaps it would be good to share – as much as possible – information on some of the things we have learned. Please, if you know anything about this case contact us here or at,

1. The Older Man: Several friends remember Tess very quietly talking about, “An older man”. Some say she might have been afraid of this person. Others indicate they may have been in a serious relationship.

2. The Jealous Woman: Several have indicated there might have been a number of females who were upset with Tess because, ‘Their man’, was attentive to her. At least one investigator at that time was convinced a woman killed Tess.

3. The Drug Connection: Not a lot to go on here. The theory is that Tess was killed because she found out more than she should about the drug culture around NW Missouri.

4. The Cad: She said no. He wouldn’t accept ‘no’. The, “Put out or get out”, type times a thousand. So much rage in this crime. In this scenario – this would be a very mean and unbalanced person.

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