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August 4, 1973 – 40 years ago

August 4, 2013

Murdered, but not forgotten.

Saturday afternoon. Ed Happel makes several phone calls to Tess’ apartment. They had agreed to get together and do something after his shift at the supermarket. There is no answer.

Another of her friends attempts to call and gets a busy signal.

Around 4:00 pm, after several of his calls go unanswered, Happel walks across the courtyard to Tess’ basement apartment. He can’t remember if the door was open, or just unlocked. He walks in and calls her name. There is no response.

He sees her lying covered in her bed, the heel of her foot sticking out. He touches her foot to wake her. It is cold.

Teresa Sue “Tess” Hilt — the only child.. the scholar.. the talented musician.. the dancer.. the poet.. the inquisitive soul.. the kind heart and friend to many —

is gone.

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